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Emphysys, a Paramit Company

Emphysys, a Paramit Company


Emphysys, acquired by Paramit Corporation in 2020, is a leading provider of technology development services to the medical device, life sciences, and industrial equipment industries. Emphysys uses a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to solve customers’ most challenging problems and provides a complete development solution from concept to a mature system prototype to achieve cost, performance, manufacturability, and reliability targets.  Among many other areas, Emphysys has deep experience in RF and microwave power delivery systems, interactions of electromagnetics with various types of tissue, complex medical handpieces and consoles, plasma systems, as well as the required embedded control systems. The company is evenly distributed among electrical, mechanical, and software engineering as well as scientists and program managers.


Paramit is an FDA-registered manufacturer of medical devices and life science instruments.  With operations in Silicon Valley, Boston, and Malaysia, Paramit offers OEMs a low risk approach to designing, assembling, and testing mechatronic intensive devices used in diagnostics, therapeutics, and surgery.  The company offers a unique combination of design engineering, precision mechanical assembly and electronics manufacturing to support devices such as point-of-care medical equipment, benchtop laboratory instruments, and cart based dialysis systems. They excel with low volume capital equipment, and their Malaysia operation provides low cost manufacturing for medium to high volume products.

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