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Reproductive Health Innovation Summit

2/13/2024 - 2/14/2024


RHIS provides a platform that enables the industry to collectively improve reproductive health outcomes across both male and female sectors. Through uplifting partners, facilitating connections, and providing access to senior leaders, RHIS enables businesses to thrive. As we look forward to the 4th RHIS, we continue to uphold its commitment to meeting the essential demands of the reproductive health landscape.

This year, RHIS will continue to address the most pressing industry topics and champion the most disruptive innovation. Broadly split between the three main pillars of reproductive health, this year, we’re covering  covering male and female reproductive health, within the broader framework of three pillars: 

Family Planning and Fertility
Deep dive into: Infertility (male and female), IVF (male and female role), Egg freezing ,Abortion Care, Contraception (male and female), Embryo transfer
Pregnancy and Maternal health
Discussing: Prenatal disease, Pre-eclampsia, Maternal Mortality, Post-partum care, Mental Health, Childbirth, OBGYN services
Reproductive Health Issues/Changes
Breaking down: PCOS, Endometriosis, BV, Low sperm count, Erectile dysfunction, Vaginal Microbiome, Heavy menstrual bleeding and PMS, STI/Sexual Health, Uterine Fibroids, Cancer, Hormonal Health

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2/13/2024 - 2/14/2024
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