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Practice Point Technical Operations Manager

Worcester, MA

The Technical Operations Manager (TFM) of PracticePoint is responsible for the proper functioning of all aspects of the facility to enable it to fulfill its mission of supporting research and development across the breadth of medical technology. The TFM will work closely with the PracticePoint staff to ensure that the facilities are equipped and operating for sustainable success, with appropriate plans for maintenance and upgrades.  The TFM will participate, as appropriate, in the research and development work carried out in the facility as well as in outreach and identification of new members and facility users.  The TFM must be qualified, or become qualified, to operate the MRI machine, fluoroscope, surgical lasers and other sophisticated and potentially hazardous equipment. The TFM must be responsible for the overall safe operation of the facility.

WPI is passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity. We are looking for candidates who can support our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The salary range for this position is $88,570-$104,200 based on qualifications.


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  • Research potential members, conduct technically-oriented facility tours, plan clients’ use of the facilities, participate in financial arrangements.

  • Work with members, potential members, and other users to obtain maximum effectiveness from use of the facilities. This requires in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of the equipment as well as knowledge of the healthcare areas that are being studied.

  • Facilitate collaborations between clients and WPI faculty and students.

  • Maintain oversight of the facilities with regard to maintenance as well as upgrades so that the facility continues to meet the needs of WPI researchers and external members.

  • Have and oversee access to all areas of the facility, based on either card or physical key access. Oversee, with the Business Manager, facility scheduling and charge rates for internal and external users.

  • Obtain and maintain appropriate training credentials and approvals for operation of all of the PracticePoint equipment, including the MRI, fluoroscope and lasers, and machine shops, together with appropriate credentials for the training of other users and operators.

  • Oversee the delivery and use of all hazardous materials, and maintain currency with respect to safety standards and regulatory requirements regarding all aspects of the facility.

  • Maintain close coordination with the Environmental Health and Safety Office as well as with relevant committees including the IRB, IBC, and IACUC.


  • Graduate Degree

  • 1 or more years’ hands-on experience with MRI operations.

  • 2 or more years’ experience in a similar role.

Please include a cover letter with a resume for consideration.


United States of America (Exempt)

WPI is an Equal Opportunity Employer that actively seeks to increase the diversity of its workplace. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability. It seeks individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences who will contribute to a culture of creativity, collaboration, inclusion, problem solving, innovation, high performance, and change making. It is committed to maintaining a campus environment free of harassment and discrimination.


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