Intern, Photonics, Imaging, and X-ray

Intern, Photonics, Imaging, and X-ray

Summer Intern: Photonics, Imaging, and X-ray – Location: Toronto, Canada

Triple Ring Technologies, Inc. offers a unique environment for technically strong individuals. Headquartered in Newark, CA, we are an innovative research and development company that partners with clients to deliver complex technical solutions. Our highly interdisciplinary team includes senior professionals from industry, finance, and academia, with extensive experience in medical device, life science, clean tech, security, and industrial technologies. We both challenge and rely upon each other for technical excellence and for real-world engineering and commercial wisdom. Learn more about us at

Triple Ring has recently opened a presence in Toronto, and we are happy to be looking for our first Toronto-based intern. This internship will involve virtual and face-to-face meetings with Triple Ring’s Toronto staff.

What you will learn and job summary:

In this role you will work on a team of 2 – 5 people as a technical contributor as part of the Photonics, Imaging and X-Ray (PIX) group. You will participate in the development of physics-based simulation software, and be involved in designing and developing software, analyzing data, and preparing scientific reports and presentations to communicate the results of your work. You will contribute to a variety of efforts across multiple technical disciplines. Being comfortable with learning to use new technology and delving into new technical areas is important.


Modeling: We use physics-based simulations to predict how radiation interacts with medical devices. Such modeling is powerful because it answers questions that would not be able to be addressed through experimentation. Modeling tasks you may perform include:

  • Configure our modeling software to represent a new medical device or radiation source
  • Deciding which simulation outputs are important for the problem you are addressing

Software development: We continuously improve our modeling tools by fixing bugs, adding new features, or developing extensive tests. Careful software design and development allows us to build a flexible, extensible tool that allows us to address not only the problem at hand, but future problems as well.

Validation: Modeling tools need to be experimentally validated in order to trust their results. Successful validation relies on a controlled experimental measurement, and corresponding careful data analysis. In this respect it is important to:

  • Design a validation phantom that can be used to measure the model parameters of interest
  • Perform statistical analysis of measured and modeled data
  • Recognize deviation from expected results and brainstorm potential root causes of any discrepancies

Communication with coworkers and clients: The work we do always requires explanation to both coworkers and clients. Proficient written and oral communication skills are both necessary and prized.

Education, Skills and Experience Requirements:

  • Pursuing a degree in Physics, Software Engineering, Computer Science, or Mechanical Engineering
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate methods and results to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • Knowledge of data analysis using Python or MATLAB
  • Familiarity with any programming language, preferably Python or C++


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